Friday, December 6, 2013


One semester of college down, seven to go. And now looking back on what I have accomplished, or rather lack of accomplishment, I have come to see that everyone was telling to truth. You can’t slack off in college. High school is a joke but college is the real deal and you cannot let it pass by without effort. However, everyone I know wants to know what I want to do with my life and they expect college to give me the answer. Well honestly I don’t think I’m cut out for college. I would rather stay home and keep working at the daycare until I have enough money saved up to move out of my parent’s house and buy my own apartment in Richmond. I don’t mind working to get money to be able to live my life. However I don’t want to spend a good 25 years of it working on academics so I can hopefully find a decent enough job to support myself. I have no problem working as a bartender and living at the beach for the rest of my life. College doesn’t exactly prepare you for that, unless you’re going off of what you learn at parties.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

MLK Letters

We were given letters written by MLK to read for class. We had to think of three questions to give and then have a class discussion about it. The discussion mostly consisted of why racism is wrong and why MLK shouldn’t have been put in jail. After hearing what everyone had to say it wasn’t hard to see that a lot of things haven’t really changed in our society since then. The only difference in now and then is back then it was real. Now a days everyone takes everything so personal and people will call someone out for being “racist” for any comment they have. I think today people have become too sensitive to what others have to say. Half the time people are being friendly and just kidding around. However, then someone says something and people get offended for the wrong reasons. Racism happened and still happens today. It is not always everywhere though. We can’t move forward if people keep bringing up the past in harsh ways. The past should be remembered in respect and something to learn from. Not to keep pushing into our present and future.

Class Discussions

I understand what Sweeney tries to do in our class discussions. He stays quiet and gives us the floor to speak up with our opinions. It‘s nice that a teacher gives us room to speak our opinions freely. However, most of the time no one listens to one another and then the discussion is lost. No one takes the discussions seriously. Everyone either talks to their friends or picks up their phones and starts messing with that. The other times everyone gets really into the discussion… and then they start talking to the people around them about their opinions instead of sharing with the class. Eventually people are heard from across the room and then they start fighting instead of discussing and listening to what the other person has to say. There is a thing as too much freedom. Especially when people stop taking a class seriously because the teacher is nice enough to let us speak our opinion.


Procrastination is the enemy in college. More than it was in high school. The worst time to procrastinate, or let your procrastinated assignments catch up to you, is before finals. That's where I'm at right now. Instead of studying for finals like I should be, I'm writing several papers for multiple classes, working on a project, and attempting to study for a math test tomorrow. A math test I just remembered while writing this post. I waited and crammed all of my assignments to one time. All of this on a laptop that is filled with Ad-ware because I installed fake security. So now, I’m stuck writing these papers that I can’t think straight enough to write. Most of them are half way finished because I’ve run out of ideas. In all honesty I’ve spent most of my time this year asleep because I hate this school and took my work as a joke like I did in high school. But, in high school your parents aren’t paying for your classes.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Attendence Policy

Alot of people have come to think that since we are now in college, our attendence to class doesn't mean anything. Yes, most teachers will let you come to class late and not care. However, that does not mean it is unimportant. You should still try your best to come to class on time. What annoys me the most is when people get upset and annoyed with their teachers about attendence. They defend themselves to the end of why it is okay that they were late. "This is college, I take care of myself so it is my choice to come to class on time or not. And you should not be upset with me and it should not effect my grade." , yeah, not really. Youre still in school which means your academic career lies in the hands of you and also your professors. They can still decide whether or not you pass their class.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Jesus Picture Response Assisgnment (mini blog post)

Alright, well from a Christian POV (which I am not) of this photo, someone could say that this is the lifting of Christ's soul into heaven. The light makes his body kind of fuzzy and difficult to see. (side note: sorry if my terminology is inaccurate, I'm not religious so this is from what little I remember from childhood church goings.)

To some this might be disrespectful to put a crusefix (spelling?) into a tank of urine but, however, it makes for a cool photograph with the lighting and representation... until you know what is actually happening.

Basically he's saying we have a rotten culture and I agree. We have no real culture towards anything in our country. We are boring and bland and this art work just shows how little we care, because first off this wouldnt have been approved if someone had looked at what this was going to be and secondly we wouldnt have even cared if we never knew that this crusefix was in urine.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Haunt at KingsDominion

Saturday Night I went to Fear Fest at Kings Dominion theme park with my best friend from back home, Melanie and her boyfriend Brandon. For anyone who doesnt know what Fear Fest is, its is when Kings Dominion is transformed into a scare-park. They turn rides into haunted trails and haunted houses to walk, where monsters jump out and scare you. Monsters including zombies, ghosts, skelatons, possessed dolls, killer clowns, scarecrows, and upright walking animals. The park is filled with fog, strobe lights, and noise machines with recorded scary noises. Since it was Saturday, the park was filled and every line was extremely long. So, unfortunently we did not get to go into as many haunted houses as we wanted. My favorite house is the Haunted Hotel. The set up is very elaborate and realistic so that makes it more fun. The monsters aren't really all that scary its just when they pop out and surprise you that they're scary. They also come right up to you and growl, gurgle, and snort in your ear and it freaks me out. Its really fun however when you have one friend who is scared easily and you can tell a monster their name and they chase after them screaming their name. It was fun and all but there wasnt anything new this year so I was kind of let down a bit, but i got to see my best friend and have a good time so it was worth it.