Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Haunt at KingsDominion

Saturday Night I went to Fear Fest at Kings Dominion theme park with my best friend from back home, Melanie and her boyfriend Brandon. For anyone who doesnt know what Fear Fest is, its is when Kings Dominion is transformed into a scare-park. They turn rides into haunted trails and haunted houses to walk, where monsters jump out and scare you. Monsters including zombies, ghosts, skelatons, possessed dolls, killer clowns, scarecrows, and upright walking animals. The park is filled with fog, strobe lights, and noise machines with recorded scary noises. Since it was Saturday, the park was filled and every line was extremely long. So, unfortunently we did not get to go into as many haunted houses as we wanted. My favorite house is the Haunted Hotel. The set up is very elaborate and realistic so that makes it more fun. The monsters aren't really all that scary its just when they pop out and surprise you that they're scary. They also come right up to you and growl, gurgle, and snort in your ear and it freaks me out. Its really fun however when you have one friend who is scared easily and you can tell a monster their name and they chase after them screaming their name. It was fun and all but there wasnt anything new this year so I was kind of let down a bit, but i got to see my best friend and have a good time so it was worth it.

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  1. I have always wanted to go to KD for the Halloween attractions. This blog just makes me want to go even more now! I love Halloween and roller coasters, so I am assuming it is a winwin situation. sounds like you had a good time! I will definitely be making it a point to go before it all over with.