Friday, October 18, 2013

Jesus Picture Response Assisgnment (mini blog post)

Alright, well from a Christian POV (which I am not) of this photo, someone could say that this is the lifting of Christ's soul into heaven. The light makes his body kind of fuzzy and difficult to see. (side note: sorry if my terminology is inaccurate, I'm not religious so this is from what little I remember from childhood church goings.)

To some this might be disrespectful to put a crusefix (spelling?) into a tank of urine but, however, it makes for a cool photograph with the lighting and representation... until you know what is actually happening.

Basically he's saying we have a rotten culture and I agree. We have no real culture towards anything in our country. We are boring and bland and this art work just shows how little we care, because first off this wouldnt have been approved if someone had looked at what this was going to be and secondly we wouldnt have even cared if we never knew that this crusefix was in urine.

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