Thursday, December 5, 2013

MLK Letters

We were given letters written by MLK to read for class. We had to think of three questions to give and then have a class discussion about it. The discussion mostly consisted of why racism is wrong and why MLK shouldn’t have been put in jail. After hearing what everyone had to say it wasn’t hard to see that a lot of things haven’t really changed in our society since then. The only difference in now and then is back then it was real. Now a days everyone takes everything so personal and people will call someone out for being “racist” for any comment they have. I think today people have become too sensitive to what others have to say. Half the time people are being friendly and just kidding around. However, then someone says something and people get offended for the wrong reasons. Racism happened and still happens today. It is not always everywhere though. We can’t move forward if people keep bringing up the past in harsh ways. The past should be remembered in respect and something to learn from. Not to keep pushing into our present and future.

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