Friday, December 6, 2013


One semester of college down, seven to go. And now looking back on what I have accomplished, or rather lack of accomplishment, I have come to see that everyone was telling to truth. You can’t slack off in college. High school is a joke but college is the real deal and you cannot let it pass by without effort. However, everyone I know wants to know what I want to do with my life and they expect college to give me the answer. Well honestly I don’t think I’m cut out for college. I would rather stay home and keep working at the daycare until I have enough money saved up to move out of my parent’s house and buy my own apartment in Richmond. I don’t mind working to get money to be able to live my life. However I don’t want to spend a good 25 years of it working on academics so I can hopefully find a decent enough job to support myself. I have no problem working as a bartender and living at the beach for the rest of my life. College doesn’t exactly prepare you for that, unless you’re going off of what you learn at parties.

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