Thursday, December 5, 2013


Procrastination is the enemy in college. More than it was in high school. The worst time to procrastinate, or let your procrastinated assignments catch up to you, is before finals. That's where I'm at right now. Instead of studying for finals like I should be, I'm writing several papers for multiple classes, working on a project, and attempting to study for a math test tomorrow. A math test I just remembered while writing this post. I waited and crammed all of my assignments to one time. All of this on a laptop that is filled with Ad-ware because I installed fake security. So now, I’m stuck writing these papers that I can’t think straight enough to write. Most of them are half way finished because I’ve run out of ideas. In all honesty I’ve spent most of my time this year asleep because I hate this school and took my work as a joke like I did in high school. But, in high school your parents aren’t paying for your classes.

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