Friday, September 20, 2013

Street Art Festival

Richmond Virginia is slowly but surely becoming filled with more and more murals, graffiti, sculptures, musicians, etc. Some may even say it is becoming the Portland, Oregon of the east coast. This previous weekend I made a stop in Richmond on my way home to Stafford for the Art180 street art festival. The festival takes place on Cary Street at an out of commission bus depot. Side Note: Art180 is an organization that helps kids turn their lives around with participating in art projects. So what happens is artists upon artists upon artists get together and paint individual art murals and create sculptures on the walls of the bus depot. Every mural is different and done in different styles as each artist is unique. But the cool thing is, when I went to the festival and saw everyone who was there, everyone was smiling and everyone was appreciating the art together as one. It was kind of magical how the festival brought so many people together. I think if we add some color, movement, creativity and just art all together the world could be a better place. We're so caught up in what the world is and when we stop to appreciate a little beauty, that can make all the difference.

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  1. Victoria-
    I had never heard of the festival until reading your blog. I'm a huge fan of art, so the street art festival sounds eye opening. Hope you had fun!