Friday, September 6, 2013

My "B.S." Blog Post

This is going to be my first blog post for english class and its going to be my "B.S." post. So its just going to be random fun facts and what not about me. My name is Victoria Dever and I am 18 years old. My birthday is St. Patricks day and thats awesome cause my birthday is a holiday, so technically everyone celebrates my birthday! Or so I'd like to think. I grew up with 2 olders brothers, Ray and Sean. They tormented me my whole life but at the same time taught me to stick up for myself. Growing up with them didn't really make me a "girly girl". I was constantly brought to ice hockey games and practice, so I was not given much time and opportunity to try sports of my own. I did however dance for 5 years but the tights were itchy so I decided not to do it anymore. I prefer hanging out with guys more than girls because girls are just drama and I guess being with my brothers all my life caused that. I love movies more than anything. My whole family, close and extended, are all movie fanatics and constantly quoting movies. I love all kinds of music but I hate how the students of RBC all listen to the same type of just rap music, BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS. Liking just one music genre is boring and makes you not exciting. Sorry not sorry.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your "B.S" post. Even though you strayed off topic in the end it was good! Its funny that you grew up with your two older brothers and I grew up being the only child and I still don't like hanging with girls. I can totally agree with you on that one! I hate people that aren't diverse! I listen to all types of music as well I hate listening to the same thing (ex rap, RnB, etc) personally I love Miley Cyrus, One direction, Lady antebellum, Nicki minaj, etc. That fact that you stopped dancing because the tights were itchy is hilarious!!! well idk what else to say so............... truuuuuuuu lmao.